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Los red light

New Commentator

Los red light

Red light on modem, tried to disconnect and reconnect modem still not working.

Any idea what can be done

Grand Guru

Re: Los red light



The LOS indicator on the ONT show red light means there is no connection to ISP.


First you may have to try this method.

The yellow fibre cord between the FTP and ONT, hold the green end to pull out and insert in firmly without force.

Do it on both side of the green end to see if the LOS indicator light disappear or not.

Usually this is due to the yellow fibre cord which may be damaged.

Do not to bend too much on this yellow fibre cable as it is sensitive, not the same as other cables.


If it is still show red light, you can contact 1633 direct to Broadband tech support line, not cs.

Inform the staff on your situation so as they can check your connection on their end.

Ask for any solution or troubleshooting, to see if it can be resolved or not.


If not, you may have to make an appointment for the technician to your premise to check.



Alternately if you want to, you can buy this yellow fibre cord from IT accessories shops.

Do the replacement to see if it work or not.

As this did happened to me as replacement on this cable resolved the connection problem.



i am not starhub staff.