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Login issues

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Login issues

I have been unable to login with my chrome, Version 51.0.2704.103 m, since a while now. The only pages that are accessible to me whenever I logged in are, Manage my profile (where you edit your personal contact particulars) and 'Add Wireless Broadband' tab. Both which are useless to me as I was trying to search for a way to edit my TV subscriptions.


I am being redirected to this page,, which dies and where chrome tells me to clear cache and try reloading, that never worked. It's obviously a failed server respond which starhub somehow did not fix it nor realize this error.


When I was about to abandon all hopes and to call the service center, I recall reading somewhere while I was searching for solutions in Google, that IE or firefox might work. So if anyone else is unable to login and is in frustration, please head over to IE as starhub website fails in chrome. Thank you very much and I hope I helped more than the website did.

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Re: Login issues

Hi  @mochi


I am using Chrome for years, included recent Chrome updates, for log in to

This issue i had encountered before, and later it is fixed.


When you log in, select the right top side and click on the icon and drop down, then select "My Account".

Before you log in, do clear you cache & history pages, as sometimes it will retrieve from there.

This is due to connection setting where is may not refresh the website.

Another way, if slow or website is not direct to the correct webpage, either do refresh Or better still, open another tab and select in the bookmark.

Usually if the pages did not response well, i open another tab to repeat, as i find this method work well.


Starhub is using IE in their website.



I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

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Re: Login issues

Hi Eric, thank you for your quick respond. Yes, I have tried hovering the top right icon and click on My Account, it still brings me to Manage profile page. When I click onto other tabs that I've not mentioned, they bring me to a dead page where chrome states the website has sent too many requests, forcing chrome to quit the request, resulting to this. I have tried in the mobile app too, it doesn't make a difference because mobile app still brings me to the website, although this time round I'm using the website inside the app, I'm not sure which browser it is using, could be chrome, could be default android browser. At the end, it still dies.

Another funny thing to note, whenever I login and browse other pages not related to the hub id pages, e.g. Mobile or Broadband plan pages, it does not cache that I've already signed in. And when I tried to login again, it redirects me to my profile page again, and this process just loops itself to nowhere. I tried using incognito chrome, it does not make a difference. Somewhere in the jsp script is screwed up. Kudos to you being able to make it work for and by yourself, one less person saved from this torturous error.
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Re: Login issues

Hi  @mochi


Do contact the HOTline 1633 CS to ask them to reset/delete your current username.

This mean as new login, and not to use the existing Hub iD username.

Do note that Hub iD is connect to NRIC.

For me, later, log in to change my username back to the original.



Please do submit your request. with your subscriber detail "to delete your current/existing Hub iD username".

Also to explained the problem you are having, and this thread as a point of reference.

Then  PM  Ng Wei Hao  or  Santosh Rai


How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?


Meanwhile, try to clear the Chrome history.


I did encountered this issue before, exactly the same webpage.

The funny part is that i did encounter the another problem in this forum website.

It keep on looping, unable to reach this forum page.

So i seek this forum staff to assist me.

After login to the new Hub iD everything remain normal.



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Re: Login issues

HI All,


I have no issue to logon my starhub ID when i using IE but i faced login issues when i login to My Starhub App.


Can you please help me to reset / refresh my id?



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Re: Login issues

I am having the same problem. I can login via Safari on iPhone but not for the iOS app. There is no error message and the screen merely flashes for 1/2 sec after I touch 'Log In'.


The issue is not with our Hub ID or password but with the app or the app's backend. I tried the Android version of the app as well and there is a generic error message about wrong Hub ID/password but that is not true.


Starhub should look into this ASAP as the app was working not too long ago.

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Re: Login issues

Hello @DsL,


The login issue to MyStarHub app is resolved. Do try logging in again.


Thank you

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Re: Login issues

Hi All


If you are unable to login to My Starhub app,


Suggest to un-install the My Starhub app.

Then re-install the My Starhub app.

This is one way to refresh My Starhub app in the Android system.


If the above still not resolve, then uninstall the My Starhub app.

Re-boot the handset, then re-install.

This is another way to refresh and clear the memory of My Starhub app.



Iam not Starhub staff &or related to.