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Installation for Homehub

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Installation for Homehub

I'm very disappointed on how Starhub has handled my case. I have recently recontract to Homehub on 6 Dec and was set for installation on the 18 Dec. As before this, i was using fibre broadband and cable tv so i assume it was just a swap of machine. 


On 18 Dec, the technical guy came and was not able to install as my modem was in another room and they would require to install a data point in the hall for the iptv.  Another date was set on 20 Dec for both data point and installation of homehub. 


On 20 Dec, data point was done but again installation was unsuccessful as iptv was not provision. Was very pissed off as 20 Dec was not my original date and that this thing should have been done way before 18 Dec. So i have already wasted 2 days. 


Then the technical guy on 20 Dec, asked me to call CS on this, shouldn't he be the one calling. It's only after i insist that he make the call then he did. Then he says the CS will call back to fix another date. 


On 24 Dec, i went down to Starhub at West Mall as for the pass four days, there were no calls from CS. they tried to slot for me on the 5 Jan but will need to wait for confirmation. Till now, nothing. 


Then as of 27 Dec, i was not able to connect to my fibre broadband. Apparently after calling CS, they said there were some conflict after doing some changes on the background. They gave me 24hr to rectify the problem by setting a new ip or something and they will expedite. It has been more than 24hr and yesterday i called CS again to give me an update. They said they will expedite the process. I have been hearing expedite since the first call but till now no progress. I specifically told the person to give me an update today but received no news. 


I have been relying on my mobile data for my work which i find it nonsense since i should be using my fibre at home. 


My question is, is there somebody working on the problem and how long more should i wait for response. To me this show that your after sales service really needs improvement. I have been using Starhub all the while and have given support despite hearing what people have said about after sales service, however, i after all this, i doubt the next time i'll renewing. In fact i may think of just terminating and go for other provider. 


I need Starhub to provide a response.