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Hubstation HDMI DC182***

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Hubstation HDMI DC182***

Having real ongoing long time issues with this Hubstation. Have called technical services a few times and each time they send some one and all they do is say that cannot do anythjing as the unit is only type available to do the taping and the only option is to have a home Hubstation that cannot tape or that cannot do the other stuff that I am paying to have and then they charge me the service call out fee as apparently this lack of decent service is not a Starhub issue. Consistant and persistant failure of this unit. Screen keeps freezing, and have to reboot from mains. Takes up to 3 - 4 minutes to navigate to the Playlist menu, and then another couple of minutes for it to playback a selected programme from list that you have taped. Programs that are set to be taped based on the schedue are truncated and miss out last few minutes because the programmes start & stop at times that differ from the schedule. It is so hard to navigate & use that I just do not bother to do anything on this system. Even changing the channel takes 20 seconds. It is pathetic and very third world. Is anyone else having these sorts of issues with these Home Hubstations, and getting the same "no-option-take-it-or-leave-it" service? Thanks.

Grand Guru

Re: Hubstation HDMI DC182***

There could be the issue is your Cable connection, which is not stable, hence it may cause connection & display issues.

If you have a splitter in the connection, do remove the splitter and connect directly.


There is one solution for you, in this matter.


Go for  IPTV  as you have Fibre Broadband as in HomeHub package.

For IPTV the Set-top box: >>  Fibre TV Set-Top Box GX-SH435EH

This is cheaper than the Cable HD Set-top box, which is rather obsolute.

Instead of paying $14.98 per month, IPTV cost $10.70; as $6 for rental + $4 for recording.

As for the External HardDisk, it use WD 1TB My Passport Ultra, which can purchase from any Computer retail shops, cheaper than from Starhub based on retail price.

One benefit is that you can watch 2 videos at the same time, as Picture-in-Picture feature.

IPTV use ONT Port-2 for connection, so will not affect your internet connection.


Go for it as it is a wise choice.

As Cable Set-top box are mostly refurbished after returned due to fault issue.



i am not starhub staff &or related to.