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Homehub: Screwed-up billing + missing $6 voucher

New Commentator

Homehub: Screwed-up billing + missing $6 voucher

I signed up with the Homehub Package with you guys during the Sitex Promotion which offer the Sport group or the Cantonese Premier Pack free for 12mths + $6 voucher to redeem contents on top of my minimum 3 grp subscription.  I took the free Sports Group and I added on the Cantonese Premier Pack so tat I can use the $6 voucher to offset the subscription. 


Lucky for me, the installation for fibre was a breeze.  But billing is the nightmare.


Firstly, my first bill came without the fibre subscription.  U guys still charging me for the maxonline price.  For this, one of your staff called Justin have claimed that this was rectified and will reflect in my next bill. I shall wait and see.


Secondly, the $6 voucher which I can use to redeem the following content:  on-demand titles or add-on channels / groups.  There wasn't any.


I was told that I can't use the $6 voucher to offset the cantonese premier pack coz it's not part of the group.  Hello!!! Please see your goup list, Cantonese Premier Pack is right there in the list.  Told me that $6 will be given due to a 2nd setup box which I had.  does it even matter is I hav a 2nd set-up box? The promo didnt even states tat a 2nd setup box is required.


Kept telling me that the marketing team say it's not part of the group.


Look at this link which states very clearly on what the vouchers can be used for.  Does your marketing team knows what they are doing?  DO they even know what are the products Starhub is offering?


In case you wonder what's the contents in the sitex promo:


Please get back to me on this asap.  I dont wish to wait for a couple of more bills to come without the benefits which I hav signed up for.

Community Manager

Re: Homehub: Screwed-up billing + missing $6 voucher

Hi elflic

Able to PM me your account details? Will like to assist on your enquiries.