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Homehub 1000

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Homehub 1000

Hi, I have an existing cable broadband and TV with starhub and I have just changed my existing plan which contract has all ended to Homehub 1000.


I would like to find out if there will still be a Hub club discount applicable to this new sign up.
The sim card for my maxmobile 21 Mbps, will it be delivered together with the router and ONT?

My delivery will be done in the afternoon of the same day where it is being activated. In the morning, will i still be able to use my existing cable, if so when will the cable cease service?

I believe there is also a spin and win promotion, how can go about redeeming it?


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Re: Homehub 1000

HomeHub is all Services in one package with Broadband (either cable &or fibre) + TV services.

Together with a Mobile (postpaid with contract) it is consider as Hubber.


For the Mobile data SIM card, it will be delivery together when the technician come to setup & install on fibre ONT and IPTV Set-top box, if any.

Do take note that this data SIM is applicable for use on mobile data usage with 1GB for each billing cycle period.

There is no voice + sms which are chargeable, and exceed data will be calculate similar to mobile plan.

This data SIM card is based on 3G & up to H+ only.


The activation for HomeHub package is done when the technician come to do the setup & install both ONT & IPTV Set-top box.

Then cable broadband will be ceased upon activation on fibre network, which may include cable TV Set-top box, if applicable.

Unless you want to continue to use, you can request to forum staff on this matter.

(I am using both HomeHub for my existing flat before return to HDB and had contracted new HomeHub to my new flat, paying both charges.)


Before the technician come to your location to do the setup & install, there will be an installer to do the necessary wiring and connection of data points, if any.

If this is not informed to you, suggest you to get assistance from forum staff.


As for "spin and win promotion", there may have a letter send to you separately.

Refer to the link:

Spin and Win Promotion  is for those who sign-up via Online sales.


Should you required further info, do write to the forum staff;

Please submit and provide with the following information;

Registered subscriber name, NRIC/FIN number, contact & email &or other services, and any other details;

PM @Jolene_L  or  Santosh Rai  to assist and look into your case on this matter


How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?


It is better for you to seek forum staff regarding you installation date for both installer and technician.



I am not Starhub staff &or related to.