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HomeHub Contract Billing Complaint!!

New Commentator

HomeHub Contract Billing Complaint!!

Hi, I am writing on behalf of my parents Homehub account. Their Homehub contract expiry was in end Nov, by right before a contract expiry, there will be notification on their contract due and they can make arrangement to do their recontract. Any other providers would have do so through a simple SMS reminder. However Starhub did not even send a SMS to inform them for contract renewal and now, they are slapped with a bill of $94.58 for a out of contract monthly payment. They have been with Starhub for so many years and this is indeed very disappointing. Not only price plan keep increase but the level of customer service dropped, phone call to your service team only to drag time. They will not make this payment and please take action to settle this immediately!!!
Community Manager

Re: HomeHub Contract Billing Complaint!!

Hi Adrian,


Thank you for your feedback. please drop me a PM with your registered name, Hub ID/email address and service address (including postal code and unit numbers) by clicking the words bracketed by the arrows here > via Private Message < for me to look into this matter.


Due to overwhelming amount of queries coming in, our responses may be slow. For immediate assistance, kindly call 1633.


I apologize for any inconvenience caused.


- Jackson