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Home hub 1000

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Home hub 1000

Hi, I would like to sign up for starhub fiber broadband. I came across this homehub 1000 plan. May I know if the Fiber connection bandwidth in this plan is shared between the TV connection and internet ?


I have a fiber termination point near 1 TV but have another tv that is not close to the fiber termination point. The plan states free fiber termination does this mean I can get another free fiber termination point near the other TV ?

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Re: Home hub 1000

Hi  @buzztiger


For Sales, contact the Sales hotline 1630 to sign up.


For the Fibre Termination Point, each household (mainly HDB flats) is entitle to 1 Fibre Termination Point and install by only NetLink Trust (formerly known as OpenNet).

Not include in the fibre TP, such as landed properties, private housing, etc.

Telcos cannot do any Fibre Termination Point, as are not allowed to touch on fibre cabling & TP.

Once NLT (NetLink Trust) had done this Fibre Termination Point (TP),

Then the house owner can subscribe to this Fibre Broadband.


So, if you had this Fibre Termination Point installed, Starhub will use this for Fibre Broadband connection.

Starhub have to request NLT for this fibre connection to be activated, on behalf of the Subscriber.


Why do you need to have a the TV near to the Fibre TP.

Unless you want to subscribe to Starhub IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) then you must subscribe to Fibre Broadband.

But do note that if the fibre connection is cut-off (no &or lost connection), then it will affect the IPTV.

Starhub still have Cable TV service.


You can subscribe to both BroadBand and TV services as  HomeHub plans.

Do visit this page on details on HomeHub services, click on     HomeHub  


If you are having problem on contact to Sales hotline 1630, you can request thru here.

One of this Community forum staff will be able to assist you further.


Do note that this is an open forum, please do not put your personal details here.




I am not Starhub staff &or related to.





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Re: Home hub 1000



I am a homehub subscriber still on using cable for broadband...


My question is if I were  to subscribe to the Homehub 1000,


Is it a must to change my starhub TV to IPTV too or can I still stick with the current connection via cable...but with the broadband connect via fibre?

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Re: Home hub 1000

Hi Cracker,

No you do not need to change your StarHub TV to IPTV and thus you'll still be able to stick with the current connection via cable. 

Meanwhile your broadband will still be able to connect via fibre. 

Hope that answers your question Smiley Happy 


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Re: Home hub 1000

Hi Wei Hao,

Thank you for your reply...Can you get someone to PM a better offer for the Home hub 1000 plan ?
The pricing and addon had been the same in the last few weeks.. even during the current big PC show.

Best regards
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Re: Home hub 1000

The homehub 1000 comes with digital voice home. But in the terms and conditions it shows $2.10 per month. So it is really not free with the homehub 1000 ? I already have a Singtel home line and do not need digital home voice.

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Re: Home hub 1000

Hi  @buzztiger


HomeHub Plan is bundle with 4 services, namely, Starhub TV (option Cable or Fibre), Home Broadband, Mobile Broadband (MaxMobile) and Home Phone Line at 1 price.


Hence, there are no separate charges for home line.


Check out at these link below;

HomeHub Plan  


HomeHub Bundle  


I am not Starhub staff &or related to.


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Re: Home hub 1000



if you  add up the individual component of the TV, home BB plus digital line, it will be almost the same as the bundled subscription....for both the green and red camp....   but the green camp do give u a 1 GB mobile data....for red camp it is 500 mb or they might have stopped it..  Good to have but wont be the deciding factor...


I am still deciding on to stay with the green camp or switch color.