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Home Hub 200

Senior Commentator

Home Hub 200

Hi, i recently (i think approx 2 weeks ago) signed up homehub 200 via phone.

The saleperson did the necessary and told me that the cable tv set up box will be coming down on 1st march 2014 together with the micro sim card for the free mobile broadband which is included in the bundle.


However, only the sim card for the mobile broadband arrived yesterday. I called and check and found out that there wasn't any appointment schedule for the day. Which means to say, the sale person did not even book the appointment for me and i have waited a full day in vain and i had to reschedule all my other appointments.


At the same time, since 8am yesterday i have been experiencing NO internet access at all. Currently i'm still on the maxinfinity plan. Imagine the entire weekend with no internet access, and no cable TV.


Please get back to me on this. 


Senior Commentator

Re: Home Hub 200

and i guess this is not the first time as i have seen similar cases posted by other people. And yup, nobody got back to me yet, no sales person no nothing. I'm still waiting.


Seriously? SH you need to buck up on this. 

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Re: Home Hub 200