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Home Hub 200 Bill

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Home Hub 200 Bill

Hello, I wish to know if it is possible to request star hub to provide me home hub 200 bill with breakdown on how much charge is on fibre home broadband. The purpose is to make it easier for me to claim back this expense to my company. Please let me know. Thanks.

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Re: Home Hub 200 Bill

Hi khanwei

You will receive a breakdown for the Cable TV and MaxInfinity services in your bill.
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Re: Home Hub 200 Bill

I am deeply disappointed by Starhub's NO ACTION NOR RESPONSE on my previous email complaint and also several phone calls to the billing department. My several prompts for having Starhub to contact me back and my talks with some of the Starhub customer care officers were not responded upon. The officers only gave me typical excuse was that they can only get the billing department to contact me with no further actions on their part! This is really lousy customer service.

My reason for contacting Starhub was because I was unreasonably charged with "promo early terminated penalty" upon my recontract!

When I approached Starhub center at bedok mall on 11th Oct, I was informed that I was legible for re-contract hence I did the re-contract on the spot. I was never informed that I will be charged with this penalty! I was informed I was legible for goodness sake! If there is this penalty, why did the customer service executive informed that I was legible for recontracting? The customer service executive who served me was Tony 216.

Hence I was shocked when I got my latest bill and found that I was smacked with this unreasonable penalty. Since then I had been trying to contact the billing department to resolve this inconvenient and unreasonable mistake caused by Starhub in the first place.

First, Starhub smacked me with an unreasonable charge of $146, and now they were NOT making any effort to correct their own mistake! INSTEAD, Starhub make me waste more time and effort to contact them still, to resolve the problem they created!

If this is the way Starhub treats their long time loyal client, maybe I should switch to Singtel instead?

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Re: Home Hub 200 Bill

Please leave your details over at for further assistance.

Ask an Account Related Question.


Most often, talking to the same staff will not get anything much.

And also CS staff may not be any help, as your case is not really service-related question.

Yours is more of mis-communication by other staff, which CS may not want to get involved.

I know, as i was a service staff (not Starhub) and i did handle customers myself, the the customer told me that he was being transfer from one to another, more another. So i follow-up.

As the same, you used this thread /post which is an old post will not help you either.


Hence, it is best to create a new thread /post, so that it will not be overlook.

Type "New post" on the search and the new post/thread is open.


Go for a second options, if you want; email to Customer Service Manager

email address in the facebook;


Your decision.

The 1st option on top which should be the correct way and better, as it will be view by all parties, and at the same time the revelant party could follow up with you.

The 2nd option is more on Customer service (behaviour) as your issue is the staff way of reply.

This is my way at taking 2 ways of approach.


Anyway, it is your decision and wait to see how they reply.

Sorry i am not Starhub staff, and i cannot offer you much.


Pls do not include your personal details on this Community, as it can be view by public.



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Re: Home Hub 200 Bill

Halo Eric,


Thanks for advice.

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Re: Home Hub 200 Bill

Hi, I am with same situation as Khanwai. I too wish to know the details of how the bill breakdown appear for "Home hub 500" just to know roughly how much they charge for fiber home broadband since I claim it from my Office. when I call Starhub, the Lady give me an answer that the Bill will be under one HomeHub-500 heading and there will not be any breakdown for different service that are combined into it. It is totally different answer what KhanWai got above.. I think, Starhub really need to take its Customer more seriously.. It seems they think we are jokers.. I am Starhub customer for
long time.(more than 24 years for all 3 service.. :-( I think I will switch Service provider soon... I can't take this kind of
un professional attitude they show towards their customer.
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Re: Home Hub 200 Bill

Do write your details to the link, for assistance.

Click on "Ask an account related question".



It is better to create a new thread, as it is your personal request.


I am not Starhub staff &or related to.