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Fibre Point 2m requirement

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Fibre Point 2m requirement

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Re: Fibre Point 2m requirement



I have read on the Starhub website that the fibre termination point must be witin 2m of my TV.  I cannot believe that this is true, as it cannot matter how far I run an HDMI cable form the set-top box to the TV itself.


Could someone clarify what the 2m requirement actually refers to.  Is it the Fibre point on the wall to the VeONT, the VeONT to the set top box, or does the location of my TV actually matter.


I'm using a projector, which is located very close to the fibre point on the wall.  The screen and the current cable TV set top box is on the other side of the room however.  I'd also prefer the router to stay up near the projector (away from the TV box), as it is central and high giving good signal.  Is there someone technical who can assist - I am being forced onto Fibre TV now as part of recontracting.


Many thanks


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Re: Fibre Point 2m requirement



Don't think the 2m requirement meant anything, as i do not have any issue.


The main point is that IPTV Set top box (STB) is connected via ethernet cable to VeONT Port-2 only.

Whereas VeONT Port-1 is for internet including Router.

Do note that IPTV STB cannot be run via Router, period.


Suggest you request to have ethernet cable trunking between the VeONT and IPTV STB, if needed.

The length is not an issue as mine is run via trunking point to point, about 10m, for IPTV usage.

Since you are to sign-up on this IPTV this trunking would be provided free, else cost $107.


Do note that the supplied HDMI cable (1.5m) could be part of the IPTV package.

For longer length you may have to purchase yourself separately.




i am not starhub staff.


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Re: Fibre Point 2m requirement

Hi Toal


Can you provide me with your full name, NRIC, contact number and email address via Private Message so that I can assist you better?