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Disappointing and lost fate in Starhub service after recent recontract

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Disappointing and lost fate in Starhub service after recent recontract



I am very angry and disappointing of Starhub service after I recontract mobile line and homehub last month. I am a Starhub customer for the past 10 years, which started with maxonline. Till few years ago I converted my Singtel mobile line to Starhub and also signed up for the homehub 1000. As I found out that Starhub customer service was very well, and I even encourage anyone that I know to switch over to Starhub due to their good service.


But after I recontract my Homehub and mobile line last month, many incidents happened which let me feel very disappointing and starting to lost my fate on Starhub. I felt that I have lost more than $600 just to recontract with you all.


I have my homehub which contract end this month and mobile line that contract end at the January next year. Your sale team started calling me to do the recontract about 3 months ago. At first, I thought of waiting for a good promotion then I do the recontract. But after a few times of calling from the sale team, I feel their sincerity and so at the end of last month I recontract both my contract.


I recontract my homehub plan end of last month and my mobile plan to S Plan with iPhone XR at $398 early this month. I regretted to do the recontract, cause just 2 days after that recontract of homehub, you all came out the news that from next year June onwards, all your TV will go fibre. And also, you give out free first six months when recontract. Because of these I can’t get the promotion which I have to paid extra $400. Also, just days after recontract my phone, you all came out with promotion for iPhone XR for only $198. Due to this, I paid extra $200 for the same phone with only less than one week different. Just less than a week, I paid more than $600 extra just because I recontract my line on the 23rd of my contract. All these happened, I can only consider myself very unlucky and stupid to recontract with you all early. But that is not all.


As I signed up for the homehub plus last month, it came with a free installation of trucking for one data point. So I booked for the earliest weekend appointment available which is on the 10/11/2018, as weekday all my family members are not around. And the following Monday to do the installation of the setup box.


But the day of the appointment, I woke early took a few hours to move the furniture so that the technician can install the trucking. But when the technician came, I inform me the route for him to do the trucking. Straight away he said that he can’t do without giving a reason and insist on going the trucking as he wanted. So my dad have a little quarrel with the technician. After the quarrel, when both my dad and the technician have cool down, I spoken to the technician and find out the reason why he can’t do the way I wanted. There is when I found out that under Starhub policy, they can only help to drill one hole, but the way I wanted need to drill three. That is when I found out about this policy, as the sales team did not inform me beforehand. So in the end, the technician left without doing anything. After the technician left, I moved back all my furniture. I wasted the whole day and energy without with nothing being done.


I was very angry about this issue at that point, so I contacted the salesperson, and he told me he will find out for me. On the following Monday, the salesperson contacted me and told me that there is sure a policy that the technician can only drill one hole. He asked me whether I can help to drill the other two holes. Since that is sure a policy, I agree with it as that is the route that I wanted. I told him to book for me the earliest weekend appointment again, as I will get the two holes drilled before the appointment. So through the phone he told me he have helped me to book the appointment on 24th November and I agree with it.


On 24th November, same as the first appointment. I woke up early to move all the furniture and wait for the technician to come. My appointment should be 2 to 4pm for the trucking installation and 4 to 6pm for the TV box installation. Early that morning I still drop a message to the salesperson to double confirm the appointment, but have no reply from him. The afternoon, I waited and waited till about 4.30pm, I feel something was wrong. Cause no one was here for the installation, so I try to contact the salesperson, but was not able to get through. I have no choice, so I called the customer service. I explained to the customer service my problem, and she told me that there is no appointment booked for me on that day. She tried to transfer my call to the sales team but also not able to get through. She then told me that she will help me to find out the problem and get back to me asap. This time round, I am even more angry and disappointed. I wasted another weekend just because of you all, plus I am not feeling well that weekend.


Till today, I still have no received any reply from your sales team or the customer service team yet. I can’t wait and wait for your technician to come to do the installation anymore, as the next available free weekend that I can have an appointment will be till next year. So I have already done the trucking and cabling myself.


I am very angry and disappointed with you all, because I have wasted two weekends, energy to move the furniture out and in twice and also paid myself for the installing the trucking. I missed the promotion and have to pay more than $600 extra. But till today, after one month since I recontract, I still haven’t received my new TV box and installation. Then what is the reason I sign up last month. There is too much that I have wasted on time and money just to recontract my homehub and mobile plan.


Hope you can give a good answer and how you all can cover my lost so far as soon as possible. Thanks.


CY Low

Alumni (Retired)

Re: Disappointing and lost fate in Starhub service after recent recontract



I completely understand how frustrated you are and I'd love to get to the bottom of this incident as this is not the experience we'd like our customers to have with us.


Please reply with your registered name, service address and Hub ID / email address for verification by clicking the words bracketed by the arrows here > via Private Message < so we can check on this for you. 


- Amy