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Bad Service Before HomeHub Activation

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Bad Service Before HomeHub Activation

I am writing my complaint here to air my displeasure with Starhub. I signed up for a 200mb fibre Homehub plan on 14 Dec 13 with a scheduled installation date today on 28 Dec 13 from 9-11am. I waited till 1030am but there was no call from any technician. I then proceeded to call the 1633 hotline to clarify things. The operator checked and then told me that there is no record of an appointment to install and activate the fibre and tv today. She told me she will get the sales person to call back to me.

I am baffled at how the appointment is not logged when I signed up at the Starhub shop at Vivocity and got a printed and signed contract with the appointment date and time clearly indicated. If I had signed up at a road show with a hand written contract then I can understand the mistake.

I had planned to cancel my singtel plan today after the Starhub installation but now my plans are disrupted. I have yet to get a call back from the sales person and I can't get through the Starhub hotline.

Evidently, I am a very dis-satisfied new customer.
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Re: Bad Service Before HomeHub Activation

Same happened to me.
Wasted my leave. So much for Starhub Service

Alumni (Retired)

Re: Bad Service Before HomeHub Activation

Hi Saintvida and YY2


Could you leave your account details at StarHubCares? I will get my team to assist you further on this matter.