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Appointment no showup.

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Appointment no showup.

I contracted homehub service at vivocity starhub at 28th July.
starhub said that my installation date is 6th Aug but no one was showed up at 6th Aug without notice.
I called starhub center serveral time. I got callback from starhub that two company are related. one company is fiberoptic company. the other is starhub. fiberoptic company had some issue on my unit so starhub could not install. Also starhub said that tentatively next installation date is 13th Aug 16;00-18;00.

I got another call from fiberoptic company that they will visit my house at 8th Aug(13;00 - 14;00) to check signalling.
I am still worrying that my installation is canceled or delayed or no one is showed up at 8th Aug(13;00 - 14;00).

By tomorrow night, can you update me wheter issue of fiberoptic company is resloved or not or whether starhub installation will happen as scheduled at 13th Aug 16;00-18;00?
I hope that you can update me via email or online system. Due to my poor english listening, sometime i can not understand what starhub call center is talking over the phone.

Alumni (Retired)

Re: Appointment no showup.

Hi sunjunhwang, 

We are sorry for your rough experience with our service.

Do PM me your account details so that we can escalate to the relevant team who will then be able to assist you regarding your issue as soon as possible.

How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?

Thank You.

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Re: Appointment no showup.


I sent pm message to you. how&where i can see your answer?

Grand Guru

Re: Appointment no showup.

Hi  @sunjunhwang


Do give them for a few days to sort &or review on your case.

Also this happen during the current holiday.


The other party is NetLink Trust fully in-charge on Fibre network.

IDA is in charge overall on fibre network.

Telco(s) are told not to get involve in anythings regarding to fibre cabling, etc.

As Telco(s) apply on behalf of their Customers to do the necessary work.

Only when NLT have completed, then Starhub will have to do the necessary on their end.

Then they can come to your location to do the necessary setup & install.




I am not Starhub staff &or related


Alumni (Retired)

Re: Appointment no showup.

Hi sunjunhwang , 

You should have received a call from our relevant team to assist you regarding your issue.

Thank You Smiley Happy