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StarHub HomeHub Go SurfHub 15 Recontract??

Senior Commentator

StarHub HomeHub Go SurfHub 15 Recontract??

Dear Sirs,


Is the StarHub HomeHub Go SurfHub 15 still available?? What about the waiver of $200 from the early mobile re-contract fee of $300 which homehubbers used to enjoy every 12 months?? I'm already eligible to recontract since 28 June 2018 so does that mean I can't get my annual new handset upgrade $200 voucher?


If not, what are the options available to homehubbers??? Don't tell me to look at the current HomeHub plans as there aren't any mobile plans. Frankly speaking, there isn't much incentives or perks to be a Homehubber then.



Community Manager

Re: StarHub HomeHub Go SurfHub 15 Recontract??

Hi veyonce


The HomeHub Go plan has unfortunately been retired as of 9 Jun 2018 at this time. Do stay tuned for updated promotions on our Facebook Page. 


Existing HomeHub Go 15 and SurfHub mobile plan customers can choose to stay on their current plan without renewing the contract. 


We will recommend you the Lite/XS/S/M/L/XL Plans, which are introduced to provide customers with an entirely new and improved mobile usage experience with StarHub. Under these plans, customers can enjoy enhanced network 4G download speed of up to 400Mbps. Customers on XS/S/M/L/XL Plans are also entitled to the Unlimited Saturday and Sunday local data.  Unlimited weekend local data is not applicable for the Lite Plan.


- Amy
Senior Commentator

Re: StarHub HomeHub Go SurfHub 15 Recontract??

Hi Amy,


There isn't any mobile plan with annual handset upgrade of $200 voucher right??? I want to upgrade my handset but looks like I can't now as there isn't any more $200 voucher???


I would prefer unlimited local data over unlimited weekend local data. I can't terminate my mobile line too right?


Under my Starhub app, it shows that I'm eligible for early recontract for HomeHub Go 1Gbps [Eligible for recontract with a fee or with Samsung Concierge Service]. What are the options available to me?