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Relocation of HomeHub Go fibre broadband and TV

New Commentator

Relocation of HomeHub Go fibre broadband and TV



I moving house next month and would like to arrange the relocation asap.


I called the customer service centre and the person over the phone wasn't able to give me clear answers and he was speaking to himself half the time.



First, he insisted that I should call 15 days before I am supposed to move into my new place to arrange for the relocation. I told him that since I am on the call, I would like to arrange it now.

There is no point calling back again to try to do the same thing. 


Second, according to NetLinkTrust website, my place is ready for Next Gen NBN services.

The person over the phone again insisted that he is unable to find any record on his side. I can hear him asking himself 'why like that one' under his breath which indicates to me that he probably had some trouble verifying my place's Open Net ready status.

He then said that he will pass on to another team to follow up.


Given his lack of assurance and generally not being able to answer any questions, I wonder if anyone on here would be able to provide concrete information.

Alumni (Retired)

Re: Relocation of HomeHub Go fibre broadband and TV

Hi Kevin Y, 

Regarding your relocation of HomeHub Go Fibre  broadband and TV, you can PM me your contact details so that we can get the relevant team to get in touch with you to assist you in a relocation.

However do take note that there will be charges applicable to the above mentioned service such as

1) Relocation Fee: $107 (w/GST)

2) Installation Fee: $53.50 (w/GST)

3) Service Activation Fee: $53.50 (w/GST)

You can find the above information here : Moving House? Be sure to read this.

Thank you