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HomeHub Go plan upgrades?

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HomeHub Go plan upgrades?

I signed up for HomeHub GO 200 last Sept 2015 for $128.80.


Now I see there is HomeHub GO - The ultimate value bundle with 1 Gbs Fibre and 15 GB mobile data.


I would like to know what are my options here: if I can upgrade to HomeHub GO - The ultimate value bundle and if there is an early recontract fee or no such option available?


One more query: I would like to check if i'm eligible for the yearly handset upgrade of iphone7 with my existing HomeHub GO plan? Early recontract fee applies?



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Re: HomeHub Go plan upgrades?

Hi Jerry, please PM us the subscriber's name, NRIC/FIN and the number that you are enquiring on. We will check and get back to you. Thank you. 

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Re: HomeHub Go plan upgrades?

Hi  @JerryNg



HomeHub Service.

Once all 3 main services, namely, Mobile, Broadband, TV, are activated, you can do the "Annual Handset Upgrade" any time.

The only condition is that the mobile line contract have to be completed 12 months of the contract.

If this condition is valid, then you can do the Handset Upgrade.

This Handset Upgrade is like Early Recontract.

The Early recontract new fee is $300.

Therefore, you need to top-up $100 (Hubber benefit is waive of $200)

The handset upfront cost remain the same.


Once you use this handset upgrade benefit, the next handset upgrade will be 12 months later.



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Re: HomeHub Go plan upgrades?

Is this "Early Recontract" fee been just implemented?

I've been Platinum Hub member for 10 years and never been told/charged with this fee in my annual upgrade of handsets.

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Re: HomeHub Go plan upgrades?

Hi  @Jlim8842


Early Recontract Fees is available all along.

Any mobile customer with the handset contract that have completed 12 months of contract, s/he will able to recontract.

In this case, recontract fees apply, as currently is $300

Hub club member has wavier of $200 on early recontract fees.

Hence, the Hub club member need to top-up $100.

This Early Handset upgrade is not in the Hub Club package, but as additional, hence the Early Recontract fee of $200 wavier remain unchanged.


Early Recontact are also available at other Telco, but the early recontract fee is different for each Telco.


Hub Club is based on all 3 Services namely, Mobile, TV, Broadband Services.


Platinum Club is based on $350 for at least 6 months, continually.


A Customer cannot hold 2 or more promotion/Club member privilege, as it depend.

In normal case, the Hub Club privilege comes first over other Club membership.

Other Club membership, including Platinum Club, CIS, etc.

There are difference in the package for Hub Club and Platinum Club.


In this situation, it also apply to many others Company(s) with Promotion & Privilege package.


This is what i know.


I am not Starhub staff &or related to.