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Demand still free or will be extended

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Demand still free or will be extended



When i sign up the Homehub Go was told that the demand will be free till March 2017 if extended my free will also be extended till the stipulated date?? As now free till Jun 2017?


Hence how do i know when the free will end ?

Grand Guru

Re: Demand still free or will be extended

Are you referring to  Disney Movies on Demand.

Whatever stated in the website on this subject are standard.


For customer, it will be based on the contract.

Any promotion, (may not stated properly,) sometimes will be stated on your bill as discount 100%.

For the website on this subject, after March 2017, next may be stated as June 2017.

In conclusion, it depend on the promotion package at that point you sign-up &or recontract. 


In my past HomeHub contract, they charged me after contract finished 12 months.

That is to say, my HomeHub 500 come with free 1st 12 months for this Demand.

As it was charged and i quickly terminated this subject Disney on Demand.


Anyway, i am quite satisfy that to have free TV channels subsciption for 2 years HomeHub 1000 contract.

That is to say i was given this HomeHub 1000 for $49.90 + TV Set-top box charges.