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Wifi up and down

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Wifi up and down

Dear Starhub,

I’m having issues with my home network. The wifi seems not workin properly, and sometimes on different devices (mainly phones) the connection seems so slow or not working that we need to switch to 4G.

Another case is on my samsung tv, i have an app to stream channels (like iptv) and I can see many times the channels get blocked and the streaming is cut off for few seconds and then comes back. It’s impossible to watch those channel that way. Even trying to reset the fibre Nucleus connect and the router (Linksys model EA8100) the connection is still not working properly. I need a help in resolution, it is not an acceptable service this way.

Many thanks

Fabio Leone

Account number: 1.14356475S

Alumni (Retired)

Re: Wifi up and down

Hi fleone


If rebooting your devices does not help at all, do provide me with your Registered Name, Hub ID/email address and Service Address by clicking on this link> via Private Message so that I can assist you on this.