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Starhub IPTV and LAN point

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Starhub IPTV and LAN point



Previously i used to place my router next to my TV cause my TV point and LAN point are at the same place (living room).


2 days ago, the Starhub engineer came to install a new IPTV box, and told me that this requires the LAN point. This causes my router to have no LAN point, and have to be relocated to guest room, and I have very bad internet signal in living room/master bedroom.


What can be done on this? I need the router to be in the living room.

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Re: Starhub IPTV and LAN point

Very Simple!

Ask Starhub to supply you with Cable TV Box instead of Fibre TV Box!

Which means the TV box uses the Cable point to watch Cable TV programmes!

In this way, your wifi signal will not be shared with TV box! Enjoy Stronger wifi Signal!

You will have an extra lan port to spare!


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Re: Starhub IPTV and LAN point

Starhub IPTV is for those who like me, wire up the whole house with Cat 6 structured LAN cable.

If you didn't do this, then stick to Cable TV

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Re: Starhub IPTV and LAN point

my house is wired.

thing is LAN point in living room only prepared one. i didnt expect that i would require 2 points.

point is, i want my tv and router to be at the same spot.
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Re: Starhub IPTV and LAN point

Hi  @CF Ting


The IPTV can connect to the router ports (std 4 ports).

May not nec to connect directly to ONT (modem).

Then you still have router beside the TV, no issue.


Did a search on "IPTV connection".


Refer to "Image for IPTV connection"

It show modem/router, which could mean ONT -> Router -> IPTV box, pc/laptop, etc.




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Re: Starhub IPTV and LAN point

Look at this diagram and you will know cannot connect thru router cos the router is for Fibre broadband

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Re: Starhub IPTV and LAN point

Thanks for highlight.

May you share how your current setup is.




This is what i know about Terminal Point (TP) in the past during and from OpenNet period.


When they put the TP in my "previous" flat was many years ago when this project started.

Upon OpenNet on doing this TP, i did asked them if i want to  extend the fibre connection.

The technicians told me that it is possible.

He explained that inside the TP, there are 2 ports.

The 2nd port can be connected thru 1st port.

This means that using the 2nd port, do a wiring to another data point, say, in the bedroom.

That is both 1st and 2nd ports of TP is shared.

This is nothing to do with having 2 fibre broadband connections.

But it is just 1 fibre broadband connections, but can split into 2 ports available in the TP to another data point.


Then about 3 years ago when NetLink Trust was doing it at my current location.

They tend to avoid my question about the 2nd port or sharing the 2nd port thru 1st port (as primary connection).




I did not reliase it, until you mentioned it and then i remember what OpenNet had said and explained to me.

I did assumed that Starhub may be using the 2nd port of TP to connect for IPTV.

This is like making sure you are subscribe to fibre broadband.

Instead of using the TP 2nd port to fully utilised for IPTV.


In this way, it seem that Starhub avoid the issue on the 2nd port connection charges &or fees by NLT.

It is kind of weird that IPTV must use direct TP port in order to works.

This is a serious flaw in this setup.

All along i assumed that with fibre connection, IPTV can use any LAN ports of router.

This is why fibre broadband is necessary, to my understanding.

There is no mentioned on that IPTV must use that TP port alone...


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Re: Starhub IPTV and LAN point

right, so does that mean, the IPTV have to directly connect to port 2 of the ONT?


i've actually bought another asus router, and hoping that my dlink can be a 'bridge'?


TP > ONT (port 1) > DLINK (wan) > 4 wall switches > these switches link to 4 different points in the house. so 1 in the living hall will connect to ASUS (WAN), then LAN port 1 to IPTV?


do you think it'll work?


the link provided by Winston, there's an option of "Multiple set-top boxes set-up" , will that work based on the above?

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Re: Starhub IPTV and LAN point

I think for IPTV, if want to connect it through router, I guess the router must support multicast routing and may need other configuration setting on such router

I do not have SH IPTV so I can't test it but definitely not as easy as plug and play on the router.

This is why SH recommend to connect it directly from ONT to the IPTV set-top box


As for multiple IPTV set-top box, if you look carefully at the diagram, there is a IP switch and each IPTV set-top box will connect via this switch.

TP -> ONT -> IP Switch -> multiple IPTV set-top box

I guess this switch is some kind of a 'managed' switch (not those $30-$40 4-8 ports unmanaged switch u buy in Sim Lim) that can support IGMP snooping and so this switch also need some kind of configuration


Basically, I think connect IPTV thru router not say impossible. I believe some routers maybe can support it and need to manually configure it



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Re: Starhub IPTV and LAN point

To make it simple, these are my current configuration

I wire up my house with Cat 6 cables with 2 x LAN port in each bedroom and living room

My living room 2 x LAN (D1 & D2) ports are near my TV console (as I foresee IPTV need it)

All my LAN port cables terminate in a utility box where my Fibre TP also located and all the cables are label accordingly


So if I use SH IPTV, I just need to connect D2 cable to the ONT port 2 in the utility box and the IPTV set-top box near the TV console just connect to the D2 LAN port using a cat 6 cable


If I also need IPTV in my bedroom, I just put the IP switch in the utility box and connect accordingly


If you have these same configuration as me, then by all mean switch to IPTV.

If not I think its better to continue using cable TV

Even I also lazy to switch to IPTV since cable set-top box serve me well Smiley Tongue