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Help connecting landline phone

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Help connecting landline phone



i am trying to connect what seems like a cat5 cable to a simple landline telephone. 


Because there is no telephone jack inside the house, i have to use a cable pulled from outside drilled through a wall into the house and I have already bought an RJ11 6p4c modular plug and also a crimper.


However, i hit a dead end when I cut open the cables and see 8 different colored wires. I dun know which color is used and in what sequence to go into the RJ11 plug. 


I have uploaded pictures here.


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Re: Help connecting landline phone

Hi striker


It doesn't work that way. The cable needs to be first connected to the TEL ports at the back of your ONT/modem before the other end can be connected to your phone.


- Amy
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Re: Help connecting landline phone

Thanks for the reply. It is connected the other side already.

It was previously working for the same setup but my kid pulled out this wire and damaged the plug and the wires came off the phone.

I just need to know the sequence that the colors and which wires go into the RJ11.

Appreciate your help once again.

Re: Help connecting landline phone

Hi @striker


I'm guessing that you can't easily replace the existing cable that's why you are stuck with using the RJ45 for terminating to a RJ11 jack. This is actually outside the scope of what we can advise but let me try my best to help.


Based on what I know plus a little research, a telephone line only require 2 wires. You can connect the Red/Green (Middle 2) wire/pin on the RJ11 to the Blue Pair (Middle 2 as well) of the RJ45. I hope that works for you!

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