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Google wifi - to have wifi and wired connection

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Google wifi - to have wifi and wired connection

Hi there,

my ONT and Modem is at a very bad location - yard

im using a 2 router network configuration currently.

1 router at BD box, and 1 router in living room.

I also have 2 wired connections at study room and master room.


can i still have wired connection at study and master room if i switch to Google Wifi?

is 3 Google Wifi points sufficient?


any help is appreciated.



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Re: Google wifi - to have wifi and wired connection

Hey ggelly, 


Let me check with the team on this. Alternatively, you may want to check with Google for more information on their products specifications and compatibility. - Han

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Re: Google wifi - to have wifi and wired connection



Your set up is ideally good enough with wired data points in all rooms.

With the exception of poor wireless coverage in all bedrooms due to routers at yard & living room.


Yes you can consider Google Wifi mesh or add routers to the bedrooms for wireless signal.

For Google Wifi refer > Hardwire Wifi points and other devices

Please do read this Google Wifi Help where it do explain on everything.

Fyi Google Wifi is also a router which can run standalone without router.


In your case the Router A would have to remain as it is.

And add Google Wifi to all other locations with/out data points to suit to your needs on wifi coverage.

Doing set up on these may require some form of testing period based on strength and connectivity of the devices.

Hence it is only from testing then you can pin-point the best placement of Google Wifi or routers.


You can add a switch after data points to increase lan ports for wired devices connectivity beside routers.




i am not starhub staff

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Re: Google wifi - to have wifi and wired connection

Hi Eric,

Spot-on. wifi connectivity is seriously lacking esp in master room, even after i try to design my living room tv console so that Router 'B' is aiming down the bedroom corridors. And is not helping that i sleep at the top-right most corner of the flat. Smiley Sad


the info from Hardwire Wifi points and other devices is useful. 


I think i would be using this approach "Include a 3rd party router upstream of the Primary Wifi point"

 () Modem → 3rd party router → Primary Wifi point → Mesh Wifi point


I will test and update prolly next week, or i'll share what i've ended up

Heartfelt thanks pls....Smiley LOL