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Google wifi connection and setting

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Google wifi connection and setting

I have purchased Google wifi from Starhub few months back and the staff has helped me set up without any issues, the connection so far so good. However, recently my house doing some renovation and all cables are disconnected.


Now i am unable to set up my  Google wifi. 
1) I have reset my google wifi (press the back buttons for more than 10 sec)
2) I have follow all the steps from the google wifi apps (off modem, off google wifi, restart etc) and it stuck at "connecting at wifi point) I have been trying the whole process more than 10 times.
3) My internet connection is fine as i used a lan cable to connect to modem, my pc is able to connect to internet.


I see from the apps there are a few setting of the internet provider. Should i choose DHCP, static IP or PPPoE? And what should i key in?



Grand Guru

Re: Google wifi connection and setting



Select DHCP for Starhub fibre broadband which is using dynamic IP.

Refer to Google Wifi help section on Network settings - WAN settings.


Suggest you watch the video for > Setting up Google Wifi


For more info and detail, please refer to this Google Wifi Help for assistance.




i am not starhub staff.