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AP Parent error message

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AP Parent error message

Hi there,

I've been experiencing very slow internet since I changed to my current 1000mbps plan starting about 2 years ago. I never had the time to go figure out what's wrong with my connection, so I've been living with about 10-60mpbs upload/download.

The connection recently got even worse though - so much that I can't even access the internet late at night (8PM-2AM is the worst). A few days ago I tried to change my WIFI password, and I got error messages that my AP Parent might be switched off. This message pops up on the computer and phones.

Friends commented that it might be the area I'm living in, but my handphone's 4G works fine.


I have tried:
- Resetting the modem/router

- Installing an extender

- Changing the name/password and channel of my internet


I've googled this a few times, but the results I get back are so convoluted for a non-techie.

Does anyone know what I can do, or who I can call? Any help rendered will be greatly appreciated!!


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Re: AP Parent error message



The main reason of your problem lies in the setting of this router which may not be setup properly before using.


As there are not much other details available so it is not easy to explain &or guide you.


Are you connecting this router to another main router connected directly to the Fibre ONT.


The main issue on this router is that a low-end router with only 2.4GHz band.

Hence it explain on why your connection speed is so low.


The other point is there is possiblity that the router is dying and hence it slow down lately.



There are many selling good routers as they are provided with free routers during recontract.

Hence most may sell the brand new router or their used router at very cheap price.

The main feature to look for a good router is with the word "AC" as in AC1750, AC1900, etc.

This mean that the router do have dual band on 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

As 2.4GHz is mainly used by many other electronic equipment but 5GHz do provide better as in faster connection speed.


So this is up to your decision.

If you need further assistance do provide additional details, such as any other routers in the network setup.




i am not starhub staff.

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Re: AP Parent error message

Hello there! Thanks for replying me Smiley Happy


Sorry I'm not a tech person so I'm not sure what kind of information you're looking for. Here's more details, I hope they help you understand the situation a bit more:


So yesterday I tried my friend's extender and his router to test if it's my signal problem or the router's problem. Used an extender because my home is 2 storeys high.


Using the extender, the signal was much stronger than what I originally had - however, the extender showed that only the 5Ghz signal was present. The 2.4ghz did not light up.2018-01-04 21.42.34.jpg


We plugged out the extender and plugged in the router, following the instructions from this site:

All the steps were followed and everything seemed to be going well, but at the last part I received an error message:

2018-01-04 21.44.57.jpg


Currently my 2.4ghz no longer works, as apparently my password is always wrong (even though I'm 100% sure it's correct). Clicking the router in my WIFI dropdown doesn't connect me to the internet either (I use a Mac). I'm now using just my 5ghz without the router (on the 2nd floor), so the signal is very poor.


I figured that there's probably no signal at all from my 2.4ghz in the first place, and all this while my 5ghz has been supplying all the internet to my house. That would account for the slow speed.

The 2.4ghz that we've been connecting to was likely the 5ghz being split to supply the signal. Not sure if this makes sense, what do you think of this diagnosis?


I hope the new information is more telling of my current situation. Sorry once again for using non-technical terms in this post, I really don't know what's going on.

Any help is greatly appreciated. If you need any more information please let me know and I'll try to give answers. Thank you!!

Grand Guru

Re: AP Parent error message

A bit confused with your post statements and pictures & links.


(Original your 1st post router is RT-N14UHP)


Latest post: 


1.  TP-Link Powerline  wireless. Not sure on the exact model.


2.  Link to  RT-N56U router.

Is the Router is the correct model as HK spec, anyway it is not a full manual.


Please do indicate the exact model of the Routers.

There are label sticker either behind or bottom of the routers which indicate all necessary details, including router model.




Error due to;

This means that there is no connection to the internet, hence unable to go to the router settings.


Standard layout on connection with lan cables.


TP / ONT - Main Router - data points - routers-2


TP refer to Fibre Terminal Point, ONT refer to Optical Network Terminal where it connect to TP.

Main Router is all internet activities and connection to ONT.

This layout is standard and required.



The (orange) lan cable is connected to which port of the Router.

Try either WAN port or LAN port, and see if it connect to internet or not.



Not sure how you do the connection on the lan cable.


Will inform you if there are any other info after searching..