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Roaming is so easy with Starhub Data

Its my 3rd time to Japan, with 3 big lugguages, 1 stroller n 2 kids.  How bothering to lugged all these to faster get a overseas sim card only after claiming the lugguage.  If i have a starhub prepaid, i can start using my phone when the plane landed, easy peasy right, can start my stories on my ig, put up pictures on my fb while waiting for the door to be open.  And noisy kids started to get impatient, let them watch some youtube while getting across the custom.  I need lots of data, cause i never have itinerary planned, i just need to google the place i wish to go, and on the map to get to it.  Why waste time to plan so much when most times the kids will ruined as we are always behind time.  Just play by ear with kids, and as long there is a reliable data, we are never lost.  Starhubs allow me to top up on apps, when we are in a country that dont speak english, its not easy to communicated techically with the local.  After coming back from my trip, i can use it as and when every country i go, am a Happy Starhub Customer for more than 20 years Smiley Happy


Thanks for sharing your experience, Parisland80! It's great to hear that you're having an awesome time with the family when on vacation, and thank you for your continued patronage.

Congrats @Parisland80! We love your entry and you've won yourself 4Gb of free data! I will be sending you an email regarding prize redemption. Congrats! -Jolene