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iPhone8Plus Warranty

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iPhone8Plus Warranty

Recently one of my speakers have spoiled, and stopped producing any sound at all.  I am looking into going in for repair. Luckily, I've gotten the warranty from starhub at the time of my purchase. if anyone would be kind enough to enlighten me on the terms of the warranty as i can't find it on the starhub site.


Also i just want to know if my handset requires me to pay for repairs or it is fully covered. Help please.


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Re: iPhone8Plus Warranty


I called  smart support, and they told me I have to pay $250 for a new handset,


however,  I refer them to the official StarHub site saying, handsets above Retail Price of $1,500 pay $250 for a new handset, but the iphone8Plus is currently priced at $1,389 for its 256gb handset....


so I should not be paying $250 but I should instead be paying only $170 according to the chart. 


StarHub, shouldn’t you be regulating such things ... the insurance you recommend to your customers are so irresponsible... if I had not checked, I would have been paying extra for it....


Waiting to hear back from the smart support team, apparently they are alerting their IT of this issue in their system. 


Shows the price of my handset at retail price $1,389.00Shows the price of my handset at retail price $1,389.00






Community Manager

Re: iPhone8Plus Warranty

Hi joohyunie


Thank you for alerting us about this, and I apologize for the delay in getting back to you.


Do keep in touch with smart support for them to advise you on this matter. Should you feel that there is discrepancy, do raise it up to them so that they can rectify the matter. 


Thank you.


- Jackson