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Shopping Cart Empty Issue

New Commentator

Shopping Cart Empty Issue

Hello, I am experiencing a problem when I want to recontract my phone. After I have proceeded to the "review and pay" section, I went away from my computer for a while. After that, when I came back, the session has expired. When I proceed to to remake the purchase again after "add to cart", it says that my shopping cart has an item and I should clear it first. But when I clicked the shopping cart icon, it says that the shopping cart is empty.


I am logged into my HubID account while doing so and I have restarted my computer as well. Also, I have logged in and out and made went through the same process but I keep getting this result. Please kindly assist me in this matter, thank you very much.


Note: I have not made the recontract and purchase yet though.

Grand Guru

Re: Shopping Cart Empty Issue

For Online purchase, there are several issues to take note.


There is a time limited for the process to complete.

The handsets are as when available, meaning while stock last at that point on completion.

The history & cache of the online purchase is recorded into your computer.


Hence, you may have to remove/delete your history & cache in order to continue.

It could be due to the fact that your recent history & cache is still remain in your computer.

In this way, you may encountered issue in continue to do any online purchase at all.


After you have remove/delete your history & cache, you then login to continue.

If there is still 1 item in the Checkout, please do remove/delete the said item before continue.

From this point, then you can proceed to do the online purchase all over again.

Do note that handset is while stock last at the point when you make the purchase by completed the payment.



i am not starhub &or related to, as familiar & using Online purchase for years.