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Service Deposit $500

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Service Deposit $500

I am new to Starhub.  Trying to get my M1 ( 3 hp lines to port over to Starhub) .  One Monday, did the first one - was fine.  Today i did the 2nd - fine too though it took me 4 hrs to actually try to get in the system.  As i was about to port the 3rd number - this message pop up and there is an additional $500 service deposit fee that i need to pay (which did not hapen in my 2 earlier porting applications) - puzzled.  I am a Singaporean and definitely above 21 years old. Can someone from Starhub pls help??? 

Community Manager

Re: Service Deposit $500

Hi kalipok776


Please be advised that subscription eligibility is based on the eligibility assessment that StarHub will conduct at the point of sale. For more information, please refer to Hope this helps.


I apologize for any inconvenience caused.


- Jackson