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HubClub Early Recontract Vouchers

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HubClub Early Recontract Vouchers



When I log into my account, there is a message that as a HubClub member I am eligible for a $200

Hub Club Early Recontract Fee Waiver. However, when I go to the online store to select a phone, the $200 waiver is not automatically factored and the full $300 early recontract fee is added to the bill.


Reading some of the forum entries, seems vouchers are needed ?


Can you advise. I thought the system should have been able to automatically factor the waiver fee in if eligible.


 My account  and I am a CIS customer.

Grand Guru

Re: HubClub Early Recontract Vouchers



For Hubber $200 Early Recontract fee wavier is that this is promotion discount offer.


Currently most, if not all, handsets on offer in the Online store are on promotion discount.

Hence only 1 promotion discount is applicable.

That's why there is a need to pay for the Early Recontract Fees $300 instead on using Hubber $200 wavier in this case.


You can visit the physical store to recontract with this Hubber $200 wavier and pay handset retail price, without any promotion discount.




i am not starhub staff.