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Android Monthly Security Patches

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Android Monthly Security Patches

Dear StarHub,


Can you tell me why I'm not getting any security patches on my LGG4.  In software info it says that the last update was on 2016-01-01, and that number looks fishy.  What's going on?  We're supposed to be getting these patches monthly but the phone always says it's up to date.

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Re: Android Monthly Security Patches

Hi  @Gregory


This is my view and opinion.


I am wondering why do people mentioned that OTA from ISP, which mean ISP has the full knowledge.

Updates are usually be provide by the Manufacturer/Service of the handset.

This (update) have nothing to do with ISP.

Many may jump into conclusion that ISP should know, as they provide the OTA.

This is quite misleading, as only Manufacturer & Distributor service center do have this info only.

If there is update ready to be release, they will inform the ISP to provided the OTA, as who is to pay for this cost.

If it is available, ISP will not delay this to be OTA, as this is bad for them.


As you mentioned about the date  2016-01-01

There is a reason for Manufacturer to select a date in this format.

This is what i know from Xiaomi, as to indicate the year/month of the release update.

It has to be unique, as similar to Manufacturer on using Batch numbering.

For Manufacturer this will identify the source of production plants, suppliers, vendors, etc.

If you look at your car, the coding is on the chassis, as this represent the Identity, just like NRIC.


Giving monthly patches mean the handset is very much useless.

Who want to do update on monthly basis, as this show that this handset is very bad.


Just go the this website  where there are opinion, where users complain non stop of more problems after updates. 



Just saying...

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Re: Android Monthly Security Patches

Hello eric3743,


Who is responsible for the update?  I'm not sure.  I'm just asking the question here on the community.


I'm not sure why you are talking about the date format.  Doesn't really matter what format the date is in.  I'm just letting the community know that my last update was on this date.

@eric3743 wrote:



Giving monthly patches mean the handset is very much useless.

Who want to do update on monthly basis, as this show that this handset is very bad.

What?  Are you serious?  Why would monthly patches mean the handset is useless?  Updates and patches are good for the phone and are always welcomed.  Security here is the most important thing not convenience because once your phone is insecure then then it becomes useless.  If it was up to me I would choose to get updates once or twice a week.
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Re: Android Monthly Security Patches

Hi @Gregory,


Handset OS/Security update are handled by respective handset manufacturers.


We suggest that you touch base with LG Mobile Help Desk at 6512 0555 to check on the update frequency. 



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