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Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories

Senior Advocate

Phone Cover


Most of the people would get a cover for their phone, hence it is quite important to have this. Samsung came out with a range of different covers for all, from leather pouch to flip cover, some designs came in a range of colors to choose from.


2013-04-11 16.23.25.jpg


However, I am sure once the phone is launched, there will be a lot of different cover designs everywhere.


Wireless Charging Pad / Cover


It seems the latest trend to charge the battery is wireless charging. Samsung came out with a wireless changing pad. To charge the phone, just place the phone on the pad and the charging begins. For me, this is a MUST HAVE! No more messy cables! For those who are always on the go, you can always purchase an extra battery. Just remember to charge it though.


2013-04-11 16.23.52.jpg


Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) and Body Scale


In the market now, Polar and other health brands came out with their own applications to work with their own HRM to monitor and record the data. Samsung now also want to have a share of this market by coming out their products and applications in the phone. This would come in quite useful for those who like to monitor their health status. For me, I would buy these accessories if the price is right.


2013-04-11 16.24.35.jpg


The above accessories are from the Samsung website. I am sure they will be coming out a lot more accessories to be used with the phone. So which accessories would you go for?