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S6 Edge: Unboxing of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Ironman Edition

Android™ Expert

The ironman edition of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a limited edition where they only produce ONLY 1000 pieces in the whole world. This phone that I purchase is sold at ridiculous prices around the globe, some as much at $91,000 bought by someone in China.  Enjoy the Unboxing video. 


Comment if you want to know more about the difference between normal Galaxy S6 Edge and this Ironman  edition! Stay tuned!
Alumni (Retired)

Have you tried the S Voice? Does it sound like Jarvis? Smiley Tongue

Android™ Expert

Lol. I would like to think that it sounds like Jarvis. Was hoping e ironman suit comes with this phone too.Man Tongue 

Senior Advocate

The prices dropped below $3K. You should have waited!


Have you used the phone alr? Hee....

Android™ Expert

@Polarbear i saw the prices drop. But its OK im one of the 1st to use it. U may call me dumb but it doesnt matter if you are a collector. 

Senior Advocate
No la, not saying you dumb. I am as surprised to see the price drop. Just
find it unfair to those who bought it first.