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Review on blackberry Q5.

Honored Commentator

The BlackBerry Q5’s design is not the most ergonomic, solid or pleasing on the eye. At 10.8mm thick and 120g in weight the Q5 isn’t especially thick or heavy, but it feels heavier at its base than at the top.
On more practical points, the backplate isn’t removable.(cool or what?!) Not only does this lock the battery in, it means the SIM and microSD slots are only accessible via a fiddly plastic flap on the phone’s left edge.(I hate this type T^T) 
As has often been the case with BlackBerry’s handsets, the Q5’s physical QWERTY keyboard is the phone’s saviour. The keys are well-spaced and a comfortable size, which makes tapping out messages fast and effortless. If you can look past the slightly chintzy design, the Q5’s QWERTY keyboard won’t disappoint you. (trust me! ^^/ Sophia won't lie to you)
if you plan to use the Q5 for work. The BlackBerry Hub brings together all alerts, notifications and messages from all of your accounts, but it still feels a little clunky to locate being hidden off past all the homescreens. 
Battery life is another area where the Q5 does not disappoint too much.The Q5, like many modern smartphones, will need recharging every night.