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Pixel 4 – The follow-up

Android™ Expert

The Good


Display – I must say, it is one of the best (if not the best) display that I have used thus far. The 90 Hz refresh rate is the ‘sweet’ balance between performance and endurance. Flagships from 2020 should all have that as a standard; it is hard to go back to 60 Hz once you get used to 90 Hz, everything just seems so sluggish on 60 Hz now.


Design – I just love the matte feel design on the Pixel. It gives you a good grip and really stands out from the rest. The orange colour is really appealing as well. If you are looking to get one, I would say ‘go bold, go orange!’ The thick forehead which houses the front camera and sensors is somewhat forgivable after you get used to it. In fact, the forehead can be a good anchor point to hold on to when watching a video in bed!


Software & Performance – There is no way else to say this, vanilla android experience is the best android experience. Nothing more, nothing less. Android 10 just makes this much better; dark system-wide theme, live caption and smart reply are a few features that I really like. The new gesture navigation and face unlock are one of the best that I have ever used thus far. Overall, the Pixel 4 is one real smart and real intuitive device.


The Bad


Battery Life – With a mere 2800 mAH battery, you won’t expect it to last long. Not especially with a 90 Hz display. I have tried using the Pixel 4 as my daily driver, I transferred most of my stuff except IM apps like WhatsApp (because it’s a hassle to transfer back) and used the Pixel 4 as I would normally do with my P30 Pro. The battery life really disappointed me, just halfway through the day, the Pixel 4 is left with ~20% battery while my P30 Pro would still have at least 60%. I would consider myself to have a moderate usage, I imagine someone who relies on their device to make a living will find the bad battery life a bottleneck. It could not last me for the entire day without having the need to be plugged in.

Storage/Dual SIM/Misc – Pixel 4 comes in 2 storage options, 64 GB or 128 GB. Both of which are considered low for a flagship in today’s standard. There is no option for expandable memory as well. Shooting a couple of videos in 4K will fill it up quite rapidly. There is only 1 SIM card slot as well, tough luck for people who require a Dual SIM configuration.


Price – With an RRP of $1119 without contract, it is just hard to justify its price point. There are many other cheaper devices with more storage and better battery life out there. But if you are looking for the best of the best in the vanilla android experience, you must get the Pixel 4 (or XL). Fortunately, StarHub has partnered with Google to offer the Pixel 4s at an affordable price with 24 months contract. Check it out at

I am not a staff from StarHub. My post does not represent StarHub in any way.