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My personal review for Pixel 4XL after using it for a few weeks.

Senior Advocate

After a few weeks using the Pixel 4XL phone, there are a few things I like and I do not like about the phone.


My likes for the phone:

  • The size and the feel of the phone. The size of the phone is perfect for me and I like the feel of the phone when carrying the phone. I do not think I will get a cover for the phone if I have the phone.


  • The camera on the phone is excellent. The photos that I took during day and night are vibrant in colours and super clear when zoom in to see the details as well. I did a poll on Instagram to ask if my followers prefer photos taken from Pixel 4Xl or iPhone 11 Pro, it seems both sets of photos have their own supporters.


  • The display of the phone screen is fantastic. I am not too sure if it is due to the reason that it is running on 90Hz refresh rate but the screen display is bright and clear yet does not bring any discomfort when staring at the screen over a long period of time.


My dislikes for the phone:

  • The battery life of the phone is average at best, which might be caused by the screen refresh rate. I have to charge the phone daily to ensure that I will not be caught in a situation where the phone runs out of battery.


  • Security – Why do I need to press the enter button after I entered my pin? For face recognition, it is not faster than iPhone but still as fast.


  • Camera – How come I need to select the night setting for night shot whereas iOS does that automatically?


Overall, I am a bit disappointed by Pixel phone after hearing so many good things about the phone from the first series to the latest phone. I do not think it makes me want to change phone but I do think that among the Andriod phones in the market, it is the best Andriod phone in the market. For now, I think I will stick to my current phone. Maybe Pixel 5 will make me change my mind!


PS: The Pokemon AR game does really impressed me but it does get bored after a while.