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My first impression of Pixel 4 XL

Senior Advocate

I have been interested in Pixel phone when it was launched by Google since 2013. I do not have the chance to play with the phone until now. Let see what is my first impression of the phone.




Phone Packaging - The packaging is simple and clean, reminds me of another mobile phone brand packing.

Pixel phone.jpg


Handset - I loved the handset. The phone feels light when carrying in hand. It uses Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 both on the front and back of the phone, however it does becomes a fingerprint magnet  The border of the phone has this matt feel which also ensure a better grip of the phone. The phone has a smooth and polish feel! 


Phone setup - The setup of the phone is straight forward and simple. You just need to login via your Google account and the phone is ready to be used. It is able to copy your current phone setting and data from another phone.


Display - I do not know about the hype about the 90Hz display. When compared to my current phone, I do not see any difference. The display is crystal clear and vibrant as the colours seem to pop out of the phone.


Overall impression - I will give the phone 8/10 for the design and the ease of set up.


So now, with the phone set up, I am ready to test the phone for the next few weeks! Looking forward to using its camera as I heard a lot of good things about the camera. Looking forward to taking some good photos with the phone! Do keep a lookout for my next review!


*This is my personal opinion of the Pixel 4XL phone and does not represent Starhub in any way.*