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My Time With The Oppo Reno2

Esteemed Commentator

I'm not a selfie fan but the word on the Oppo Reno2 was that its camera was good. So when the opportunity came up, I grabbed the chance to borrow a set to test and review.


1) The Unboxing


The retail packaging itself is shiny but also really tall. I've no idea why it's so huge but everything is nicely packaged within so I guess it's alright?









The Reno2 itself has a premium glass-metal body with a dual-colour-tone reflective glass on the back. This makes it very susceptible to fingerprints. Thankfully, the phone has Gorilla Glass on the front and back protecting it. I would still invest in screen protectors for both sides though - but that's just me.


As an additional counter against the daily grime, Oppo has included a nice looking and feeling case. Not bad and it saves me from a minor heart attack caused if I drop it.


Rating: 8/10 (Phone is beautiful; Packaging just no)


2) Phone Exterior


I have small hands and I struggle to hold on to my Mate 20X every day. The Oppo Reno2 fits more comfortably into my hand and I can actually swipe and type with my right thumb now.


Mate 20XMate 20X


Oppo Reno2Oppo Reno2

Features-wise, the Oppo ColorOS is easy enough to manuveur. There were a few hiccups though and these were more due to how I viewed the touchscreen on my Mate 20X versus the Oppo Reno2. Still, it was objectively easy to set up and I got things up and running soon enough.


I like how when in another app, I can just swipe the sides inwards to get to the base apps like Camera and WiFi. The volume and power buttons are on separate sides of the phone and this makes it incredibily easy for me to screenshot now that my fingers can actually reach the other side of the phone. 


Rating: 7/10 (just for the hiccups when I started out in manuveuring)


3) Hardware


On paper, the specs look impressive and I have to say that I am impressed.


Taken from GSMArenaTaken from GSMArena

However, I'm a mobile gamer and therefore, my tests will be done based on the game I'm mainly on - King's Raid.



I must say the display is beautiful and the screen recording taken above doesn't do it justice. I can imagine that viewing Netflix or YouTube on the phone would be similarly spectacular too.


I'd also drained the battery down from 100% to 35% within a few hours of gaming and once it was attached to a charger, it bounced back to 90% within an hour.


4) The Camera(s)


The moment we've all been waiting for.


I'm an ardent Huawei camera fan and the ones on this Oppo handset still blew me away. Seeing is believing though and I've taken quite a few photos so it's easier for you to compare.


No human subjects, I'm afraid - no matter how beautiful the selfie camera is but you can feast your eyes on this handsome specimen instead.


Cat 1A.jpg


Cat 2A smaller.jpg


I honestly like how the Oppo camera makes everything brighter and fresher as well.


Sky 1.jpg


Sky 2.jpg


Food 1A Smaller.jpg


Food 1B Smaller.jpg


Food 2A smaller.jpg


Food 2BSmaller.jpg



Also, yes I did take a selfie to test the selfie camera. I have to say - the memes about the Oppo cameras are right. I didn't even adjust the beauty filter and it made my skin look fairer and smoother with just 1 shot. (No, I'm not going to post it.)


Camera: 8/10 (I can see how the brightening feature is useful in dark areas. But I'll need to test the feature out more.)


5)  Overall Impressions


What else can I say? Beautiful display, beautiful camera. It's a jack of all trades for anyone who wants to take photos on the go and stream TV on their phones at the same time. 


You can get it here at Hurry! 


My opinions are my own and I am not employed or affiliated to StarHub in any way outside of my home and mobile plan subscriptions.