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LG G Flex 2: Whats new in the Software Experience? (Part 2)

Android™ Expert

New native Apps

LG software experience has improved through many iteration, holidng the best apps and intorducing new ones. Its signature Knock Code has increased security and Glance View allow users to take a quick peek at the time and notifications without having to switch the whole display. 


Does software take advantage of improved hadware?
Many other interesting software updates mange to use the advantage of improved hardware. Will LG take advantage of the latest Qualcom 810 snapdragon processor and Andoid Lollipop 5.0.1? Check out the video below. 

Other apps that is not include in the video is LG Health, 


LG Health
LG provide an LG health embedded with the phone, showing sufficient information for your running speed, time, distance, with an included map. Nontheless, most of us who run fit our fitness trackers will be more comfortable with 3rd party fitness app that works with out existing setup. Nonetheless, LG do provide an option for external accessory to work FORA, AND and OMRON fitness accessories.
2015-03-09 04.44.46.png 2015-03-09 04.44.43.png 2015-03-09 04.44.55.png 2015-03-09 09.03.35.png


There are improvement on the apps and saofware aspect, mostly in the camera, lockscreen and customisation. However the star of the show of LG Flex version always lies in the curvature and physical sexy apeal of the phone. The bold flemenco red with silver rim further accentuate FLex 2 strengh with is the streamlined physical appeal. It favors the ladies due to the sleek contours and color. Wont this be a perfect present for Valentines.


You can get your own G Flex here:  on 14 March 2015