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HTC One Review: The Only ONE For Us


All these done by the phone?!


I approached my friend using a Samsung Galaxy S3 to use the One for my wedding ceremony. I taught her how to use the HTC UltraPixel camera to capture HTC Zoe™ shots and she was blown away by the “living” Gallery. “It looks so much like a page from the Harry Potter movie!” she exclaimed with much excitement.


With all the photos and Zoe™ shots in an Event Album, I let the One create a Video Highlight that shocked my videographer I engaged for my wedding. “All these done by the phone?!” he responded with much surprise when I showed him the various themes and settings that could be changed by the One within seconds.


On the 13 April 2013, at 8pm and before my wife, Carolin, and I entered the banquet hall for the wedding banquet dinner, we screened the short 30sec Video Highlight which was compiled & edited by the One to 700 guests that evening. My emcees then gave a short promotion of the One at my request, informing all my family and friends that the One was launched in Singapore on that very actual day in all major telecom providers. Many of my friends thought they had just walked into a HTC One Launch Event. =P


Ern Kiang & Carolin's Wedding 13/04/13 HTC One Video Highlights:


Photos of us instead of just you!


After our wedding, we went to Europe for a church mission trip followed by our honeymoon. Switzerland was our first stop in our honeymoon and I was excited to bring the One to the Top of Europe – Jungfraujoch.


At the top of the observation deck, I turned to Carolin and said, “Let us take a photo of us instead of just you!” I took out the One and turned on the front-facing wide-angle 2.1megapixel camera. The 4.7” Super LCD3 Full HD screen brilliantly displayed Carolin, myself and the wonderful background all within the frame.


I could say farewell to all the past photos of just having her in the photo with the background. Now, I could be included as well, not to mention the many other friends we met along the way during our honeymoon in Dresden, Germany and Barcelona, Spain.


Now I can capture clear photos of the ONE I love


When I was with my friends in Dresden, Germany, they brought us to eat Donor Kebab. The joint was really dark and the One excelled in capturing the moment when the Donor Kebab was delivered to our table. My hosts were surprised by the turnout of the photo taken with the One’s UltraPixel camera without flash. I remarked to them with a smirk that I could now capture clear photos of the ONE (Carolin) I love. =P


Not the perfect One


A phone is never perfect and the One is no exception. However, it covers my “wants” adequately and excels in my “needs” superbly. I only need a phone that can take photos, make calls, reply smses, view videos, keep me occupied and lasts throughout the workday I have. The HTC UltraPixel Camera & HTC Zoe™ allows me to take great photos. Sense Voice allows me to make clear calls. HTC Sense 5 allows me to reply smses and communicate on other social media platforms seamlessly. HTC BoomSound™ allows for sensational video audio playback on an already awesome 1080p SLCD3 screen. HTC BlinkFeed™ keeps me occupied when I’m queuing or having breaks between meetings. The phone lasts for a day which is more than enough power for my consumption.


The storage space of 32GB is low for the many HTC Zoe™ albums and videos taken, much less trying to store your whole music collection. An expandable memory would have been great if not I think the 64GB model would be sufficient. The battery could be bigger or removable in order to lasts longer without charging. All these are not deal-breakers for me because these “wants” are covered adequately but the One has met all my “needs” & gone beyond all my expectations in a flagship phone.


Let me end this sharing with the key feature that sold me to get this phone as the only ONE for us. The sleek full aluminum body with zero gap construction, when placed in our hands, convinced us that such a premium phone was the perfect One for us.


Honeymoon on the HTC One Facebook Album: