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Giant Samsung Note 3 making its BIG showdown soon

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The previous Samsung Note line seems to be a huge success. Will Note 3 be the next success? Here are some of the new features that are worth mentioning


Faux leather back

For those of you who hates the cheap plastic, Samsung finally ditch the plastic casing for a faux leather back which improves on the grip. You will notice a fine detail with stitching around the leatherback. This allows the device to feel noticeably thinner at 8.3mm thick and 15g lighter. At launch the device will come in black pink and white.

New S Pen
Added more smart features with Air Command that makes the pen more useful than Note 2, especially with Action Memo.

Air Command

Action Memo- S Pen manages to understand handwriting for phone numbers and addresses etc just by circling them. Circle your handwriting and you can save/send it to your contacts, email or even maps.

Scrap Booker- You are able to circle items in the browser to copy links or images to your phone as well.

Screen Write – Take screen shot and doodle on it

S- Finder – able to find a variety of files and documents saved in your phone. It can even find your handwritten texts.

Pen Window- open multiple apps in small windows, which can then be minimized into rounded icons that always remain as the first layer onscreen

Multi Vision
Galaxy Note 3 users can now pair up as many as three Galaxy Note 3′s together to make a really big screen for video. Once paired users will see a video spanning all three displays.

4K Recording
In addition to taking great looking photos with image stabilization, the Galaxy Note 3 can record video in 4k, which means users can share their favorite moments in the new standard for HD, assuming they have a 4K HDTV.

Galaxy Note 3 S View Flip Cover
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S View Flip Cover is new for the Note 3, borrowing from the design of the Galaxy S4. The Note 3 S View Flip Cover replaces the back of the Galaxy Note 3 and adds a larger window that the S Pen can work through.

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch
The Galaxy Gear is a great Note 3 companion.The Samsung Galaxy Gear watch pairs up with the Note 3 allowing users to view alerts and emails and then see the same email on the screen of the Note 3 when they pull it out of their pocket thanks to Smart Relay. Users can also answer calls using the Galaxy Gear as a hands free device.

Release Date
Rumors say that:
- Pre-order will start on Sept 7th by the 3 major telcos in Singapore. (TBC)
- World Wide Release on 25 September (for those who missed the launch view it here)
- Sold probably in mid October if  we follow the same trends with Note 2.(TBC)

Seems like Note 3 has got the right recipie again. So who is going to get Samsung Note 3? Share in the comments.


Images and video from Techno-Buffalo and
FAQ for StarHub's Samsung GALAXY Note 3 involvement:

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