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BlackBerry Q10 Review

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    I just spent two weeks using the BlackBerry Q10, switching from a BlackBerry Z10 touch phone to a BlackBerry Q10 dual touch with QWERTY keyboard phone. But I was able to quickly adapted and found the dual touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard input much more efficient compared to traditional pure “touch” interface. A power user can quickly take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts keys for lightfast access to any command. For example typing “BBM (Name)”, begins a BlackBerry Messenger message to a specific contact. Even updating Facebook status is a breeze. Just type “Facebook (status update)” and presto, instant update! No more “click on Facebook icon”, “Status entry” and “Click on Post”. Wonderful!

    Definitely, the Q10 is superfast, bundled with the new BB10 OS puts the dual interface phone in a class of its own. Under the hood of this excellent 3.1” Super AMOLDED 720 x 720, 330 DPI display is a dual-core 1.5 GHz Qualcomm MSM8960 processor that performs well, when I put the Q10 through its paces in the last 14 days.

With its slim body, the sleek 119.6mm x 66.8mm x 10.35mm profile of the Q10 slips easily into my jeans pocket without extruding an unsightly budge. The phone was comfortable to hold and its “glass weave” casing gave the phone a positive feel with slipping out of my palm.  The size of the phone and weighting in at 139g made the Q10 the perfect companion as I took it for long evening walks for some “me” time escaping form the buzz of a fast paced life. My favorite tunes blasting away from the provided headset.


    Just like the Z10, the Q10 also came fully charged out of the box and it fast and simple to setup.  Upon pressing the power switch, the BB 10 OS prompted me to setup a Wi-Fi profile and create a BlackBerry ID. I did this easily and the Q10 proceeded to download the latest OS and patches. And presto! The Z10 booted with the latest downloaded BB OS 10.1 loaded.

    Instead of migrating my data from my Android device, I decided to migrate my data from the BlackBerry Z10 to the BlackBerry Q10 using the downloaded BlackBerry Link software. During the migration, I was given the option of selecting what I wanted to move into the Q10 such as contacts, files (pictures, music, documents), calendar items, task and memos, BBM contacts, browser bookmarks and folders, alarm/clock settings, text/SMS/MMS messages, phone call logs and password keeper entries. I was rather pleased as the process was not painful or tedious. Everything was transferred without a hitch!



Facebook,  Pfingo bounce, Dropbox, various News Apps like CNN and CNet, Google Talk and the usual business and productivity Apps. Done, but there should be a more efficient way of moving Apps instead of reinstalling the Apps every time I upgrade my phone.

    My experience with the Q10 was similar to the Z10. The touch interface and UI was smooth and I was able to surf the web, chat, and open multiple Apps simultaneously without experiencing any lag. The 3.1” screen is smaller compare to the Z10 4.2” screen and as a results, some Apps required me to scroll the screen right to left to view the full page, this inconvenience is to be expected for a screen this size. But the Super AMOLED display made up for this by its brilliant colors, brightness and crisp text even in bright sunlight. This makes reading on the 3.1” screen pleasant without straining the eyes.  A point to note is that, the Q10 square screen may not be the deal form factor for watching videos or playing games. I feel that any wide screen videos viewed on a square screen simply look awful and there is zero possibility of viewing a landscape orientated image on a square screen!

    Call quality was crystal clear as I was on the Starhub Network and utilizing its New High Definition (HD) Voice feature, and using the supplied headset, I was able to easily accept or reject calls. The built in speaker was loud and sufficiently clear for me to use the Q10 in a conference call setting. The microphone was sensitive enough to be able to pick up the voices of those seated around the table. A nice touch is the quick launch icons at the base the screen. I was quickly able to answer calls or activate the camera swiftly.






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BlackBerry phone are so cute, I love them. Thanks for the review of BlackBerry Q10.


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Most welcome.... glad that you enjoyed the review :-)