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Be Ready 4 The Next Galaxy

Senior Advocate

Today is a BIG day for all Samsung fans as they are ready to welcome the latest member of the Galaxy family.  


I think all Samsung fans would do anything to get a ticket to the event in New York, so that they can be the first in the world to see, touch and play with the new product. I know I would!


This year, Samsung is going all way out for this product launch with a BIG BANG, based on the hype created and discussion everywhere about the event. To shed some light on this event, Samsung had created 2 advertisements to “explain” what the event would be about.


The story is based on a young boy named Jeremy Maxwell, who is the secret messenger of SAMSUNG UNPACKED 2013, collected a SPECIAL package from Samsung. Is he going to leak out what is in the box? Click on the link and watch to find out!


Part  1: (Samsung UNPACKED) Be ready 4 The Next Galaxy


Part  2: (Samsung UNPACKED) Be ready 4 The Next Galaxy


So would you be watching the live streaming of the event at 7am, Singapore time? I am!


Be sure to log into either Samsung Mobile’s official YouTube channel or Samsung’s official Facebook Live streaming to watch the event.

Senior Advisor

Looks like I will have to catch the live streaming on the way to work!

How long do you think we have to wait before Starhub starts a pre-order for it?

Senior Advocate

From the livestream, the phones should be out end of Apr.

Android™ Expert

As exciting as it might be, it doesn't seem to be a big upgrade from S3. Just like iPhone 4 vs 4S.

Senior Advocate

For hardware wise, I agree it is not a big upgrade from S3. After all, S3 is one of their best selling phone. So why change it? For software side, there are more new or improvements as compared to S3, so this can consider for upgrade?