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ill-mannered Consultant

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ill-mannered Consultant

I went to Plaza Singapura StarHub today with my elderly parents to port my home line from MyRepuplic to StarHub as we had just signed up for a new broadband contract with StarHub. This is the second time that my parents had to come down to StarHub as previously they were told by the consultant that I have to be present to display my NRIC together with my parents as I am the one who registered with MyRepublic but the StarHub broadband was registered under my dad’s name. However when we arrived at the counter, we were addressed by an ill-mannered consultant by the name of Elgin Ng. Not only was he rude towards us, but he was vague with his words and uninformative. We just couldn’t understand what he was trying to say and he wasn’t being helpful at all. I could see that he was impatient with us when we didn’t quite understand him and he was raising his voice as he repeated himself. However all we wanted to do was port our home line from MyRepublic over to StarHub. I had to call MyRepublic customer service as your consultant wasn’t giving us any solutions to what could be done. And while I was on the phone with MyRepublic, I wanted to pass the phone to Elgin Ng so that he can clarify with the MyRepublic customer service staff on what would be the best option for us to do. However Elgin Ng refuses to take my phone to talk the the MyRepublic staff to clarify the problem. For someone who works in the customer service line, I ought to say his behaviour and attitude towards us was totally unacceptable. Having signed contracts in the past with SingTel, M1 and MyRepublic, I’ve never came acrossed such a audacious customer service consultant in my life. As a customer of StarHub, where my family has signed up for your cable tv, broadband and mobile phone lines, we were so disgusted with his behaviour and I honestly think something ought to be said to him about his attitude towards customers. Staff like Elgin Ng will put off loyal customers from using StarHub. Please do something about this. 


Re: ill-mannered Consultant

Hi Trevorio, I've read your feedback and we are really sorry about the experience. As we want to investigate this incident, please contact us > via Private Message < to provide us with your parent's full name, service address and the date/time of the visit. It'll be good to also provide us with your name and contact number in case we need to get additional information from you. I want to assure you that this is definitely not the type of service we expect from any of our staff and we will definitely get to the bottom of this. 


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