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Recontrat vouchers...denied after contract

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Recontrat vouchers...denied after contract

I got a call from 63099400.. they offered me to recontract 2yrs and i will get 150$ voucher.....
I signed up the contract and now i am told that i signed up for different package so will not be offered vouchers. The voucher was for package A and as i picked package B in call so no vouchers now. I am told the call was recorded and at no time the customer rep agreed to paying voucher for package B ( i don't agree with this part though) .

This is a really dirty trick imo. The call started with rep offering me package A with vouchers , i asked for other options and picked B. At no time did the customer rep clarified that there is NO voucher for package B .  At the end i was told call will be used for verification, that got me alarmed, so i had explicity asked " so will i get voucher for this " and i was told 'yes'.  

My questiosns

1.) Both the calls were unprofessional the first one and follow up ... Have starhub outsourced support or got a third party to get these contract ?
2.) This is a really dirty trick i feel betrayed...should i ask for upfront vouchers in future ? you don't expect this kind of stuff from such companies.

Questions for community:

1.) What are my options ? should i go to CASE ? Does starhub have any escalation/complaint system against the customer service ? I have asked for voice logs , not sure i m gonna get those.

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Re: Recontrat vouchers...denied after contract

Hi  @jaxx


Do send your subscriber details via
by clicking on 'Ask an Account Related Question' and including your StarHub Community user name,
so that the customer support can check on this accordingly.





I am not Starhub staff &or related to.


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Re: Recontrat vouchers...denied after contract

Hi @jaxx,


We have alerted Customer Support Team of your feedback, where the customer service team would get back to you accordingly. 




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