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My StarHub App Tips - Track Your Local Mobile Usage

Alumni (Retired)

Now that you’ve downloaded My StarHub App, why not try using it to view your local usage or set usage alerts so you'll know when your local data is depleted?


Step 1: To view a summary of your local usage, login with your Hub ID to My Starhub App and scroll down the Home page of the App to see a graph as follows:




Step 2: To view the daily breakdown of your local usage, tap on the Graph of the service you’re checking on and move on to Mobile Usage. You can also tap on Own Usage to view a daily breakdown or scroll down to find Usage Alerts.




Step 3: Viola! Tap on Yes and start receiving alerts when you're close to finishing your local data bundle.


photo_2017-08-25_23-14-29 (2).jpg


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