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Hub id

New Commentator

Hub id

When i log in to my hub id it says my account does not link to any billing account but when i type my ic number to create an account it says it already exist in a system and thus i cant make one.

i had called the hotline to ask for help and a woman told me that they will delete the account and told me to try it again after 3-5 days however after 2 week nothing has been done.

after that i went to the starhub store itself to clarify about this and was told to wait for another couple of days and yet the problem is still there.

it seems to me that the person that is supposed to be fixing this is sleeping or don’t even care about it at all and this issue is really getting on my nerves as i cant check my bills and others.

if anyone could please do something,your help will be appreciated.

Community Manager

Re: Hub id

Hi, please PM us your subscriber name, registered Hub ID / email address and prepaid mobile number to, we’ll arrange for assistance. Thank you.

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