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E bill

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E bill

I am not terminating it but just now I am just asking any questions I hope you will answer it I apply for mobile plan but i cancel it in the same day I apply also and the sales person did not explain well about planning the mobile before I sign the contract I ask him many times If i have to pay anything since I am first timer and I dont know anything about this I ask him how much to pay or if I pay anything and he said nothing they will not collecting any amount from me agter that I agree And signed the contract and ask me go to casher and pay. And I was shocked that I have something to pay. I couldnt pay it because I don't have any money bring and I tall to him to cancel and the manager said its void and I go home without the phone after a weeks later I received a e bill to  pay for 1150. I don't understand this I did not bring the phone and used any data or plan why is it I need to pay? And When I apply for plan it does not take 5hours when I cancel it is there somebody can help me here?

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Re: E bill

Hi arenas092813


I've replied to your PM.


- Amy