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xbox live connection

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Re: xbox live connection

Hi guys, yes it works for me too on automatic settings.
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Re: xbox live connection

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Re: xbox live connection

Kai Boon,
A starhub customer asked a question as to why this happened. Why the silence? Kindly justify this fiesco? I AM STILL PISSED N JUST CAN'T WAIT FOR ALL MY CONTRACTS TO END. Please provide all of us an answer, even though I M set to leave Starhub. Don't b rude.
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Re: xbox live connection

To be frank, I am unable to share as I do not have more information on the cause. Sometimes, when the issue involve a third party, some information are not being shared with us.
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Re: xbox live connection

Hi KaiBoon,


I can confirm that it has started to work for me as well. However, it took your tech department more than a week to confirm and fix an issue which was obviously introduced by a change on your side. 


I'm an avid gamer, and during this whole time I could not access my PAID xbox live service and utilize my PAID game subscriptions, like WoT, losing actual money


I'd really like to see some form of compensation for that outage, either in form of service credit or something else




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Re: xbox live connection

Whatever! I am still pissed because coupled to Starhub, subscription is also paid to xboxlive. What made the whole matter worst seems to be an obvious lack of communication and coordination in resolving the connectivity issue stat. No matter...goodbye.

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Re: xbox live connection

I don't think there will be any compensation. I myself suffer weeks to months with laggy connection and sometimes I cannot even use the fiber. The speedtest always shows 90~100% but I can hardly play online games, and use other oversea sites and services. My monthly subscriptions on download manager is also wasted. The staff could not sole the problem and even asked me to continue my subscription even when I cannot use the service so they can trouble shoot. They were treating us like lab rats.

Ihave request compensation for a few months already and KaiBoon claims he will ask someone to contact me but so far thats a NO. Even their sale management tell me I got to pay even if there is no network since I already sign the contract. I cannot downgrade and termination would cost me as of whats on the contract.

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Re: xbox live connection

Dear all starhub users, the conclusion is whether is red or green, you will expect the same kind of service. no point waiting for your contract to up and seek a transfer. basically it will be the same and they wont be losing their sleep of losing 1 customer.


i can gave up world cup and bpl but can anyone give up internet?? i guess is not...


there will be no compensation unless this make it to the news (tv or newspaper), even if there is, it will be free internet usage over a weekend which will make no difference to us...