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stahub not refunding me for a service I never ordered

New Commentator

stahub not refunding me for a service I never ordered

Hi All,


I have an ongoing saga with Starhub.  In August of 2019 I switched my TV from cable to broadband, however on that date the technician accidentally signed me up for Fibre broadband as well (I am using M1 Fibre broadband).  I didn't realize this until my November bill, but I was being charged for fibre broadband for several months.  


In December I pointed this out to Starhub and they recognized their mistake and cancelled my fibre broadband, charging me a cancellation/early termination fee and a few month later refunding it.  In the meantime they said they will work on refunding me the monthly fees charged to my account.


After 3-4 interactions with phone representatives/desk representatives it is May 2020 and I just recieved a call mentioning that they are only authorized to "partially" refund me for the service they admith they accidentally charged me for.  It makes no sense why I should pay for their error.  I am sure if I am late paying their bills, they will cancel my service, but if I am waiting on a refund they can take all their time!!


Has anyone else had an experience like this?  Does anyone know who to speak to in Starhub or a way to assist me in getting this finally resolved?


Thank you


Re: stahub not refunding me for a service I never ordered

Hi @skumarkapoor, sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately, we don't have the authority to give refunds here on the Community. In this case, we highly suggest that you reach out to my colleagues on Facebook or Twitter for further assistance. 


~ Carla