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"Server connection timed out"

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"Server connection timed out"

I just switched to Fibre last year(towards year end. Cant recall the exact time) and from then on i could barely play a full COD Modern Warefare game. Before that, all was good. After the Fibre switched, i always got a "server connection timed out" message in game and got booted. Sometimes when i was hosting the game i would get 1/2 out of 4 bars(full ping) instead 4 out of 4 bars. I just dont understand why even as a host i still got the crazy lag tho i was expecting Fibre lines to be running faster than the previous line.

After some googling i suspect it has to do with NAT strict/moderate/open issues. Initially i had NAT strict displayed on the game menu but somehow it was later changed to Nat moderate. Based on feed-backs provided by from some COD gamers i need to have my NAT turned into OPEN mode else the "server connection timed out" will persists.

I try to fix on my own through the following

But the interface is completely different from my Linksys web menu.
I'm not a tech person so its pretty hard for me to figure out how to get this right.

Please advise how to come about getting this to work.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: "Server connection timed out"

Hi dangoh, able to let us know if you are still facing any issue after restarting your ONT device and router ? Thank you

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Re: "Server connection timed out"

Hi Jere,

Thanks for the reply.

Im not sure what you meant by ONT tho before making any posts here i'd already switched off/on the modem and router during troubleshooting. Also i've uploaded a clip for you to watch which you may access at the following link to have a better picture.

As you can see from the beginning of the clip, my NAT was set to Moderate.

As i entered the game, it was already coming to an end hence i didnt get booted out however have a look at the later part where i started the game from scratch(@05:39) and only played 1/3 of it and the game starts to freeze(@09:04). This happened all the time when the game began from the start.


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Re: "Server connection timed out"

Please provide us with your full name, mobile number, hub ID/email address via   to check. 

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Re: "Server connection timed out"

Hi Debbie, Jere,

Thank you for your time attending to me.

I troubleshoot further and got it to work tho i merely set up the game on another 2 different computers and both working great with their NATs in open mode. I did not do anything to the router but the error message is now gone(for good i hope).

I still got no ideas why my primary computer is still working with a moderate NAT and the error still persists too. If you guys have any solution(s) to solve this i'll be happy to hear too else im also okay with leaving this computer alone not gaming.

Anyways, i'll just play the games on my other computers =)